We, at URM, pride ourselves on being exclusive Match makers for the crème de la crème Business class and Top notch professionals. Our processes are streamlined to maintain highest confidentiality and exclusivity. Our Forte: We do not keep any profiles online. All profile sharing is done through personal mails, as per your requirement. Further, this profile sharing is done on 3 levels to ensure proper screening of profiles, without disclosing confidential details.


This can be either done after receiving personal email or by filling our Registration form personally. The client’s details and their requirements are taken in the form.


The payment is done by the client online/ by cash /or by cheque in the name of “Ultra Rich Weddings Limited”. Receipt is sent to the client immediately.


Our Relationship Manager in the respective city goes takes appointment from the Client and visits their workplace and home personally to verify the details. Further, two Work references, two family references and two neighborhood references are taken by the RM, and cross checked.

Profile Sharing:

Once verification is done, the HO shall start sharing relevant profiles with the clients. HO shall also be sharing the respective feedbacks for all profiles.


When both families approve the initial exchange, they are taken on con-calls for first introduction. The prospects’ numbers are exchanged. If further approved, meeting is arranged by us. Usually we encourage 4-5 meeting between the prospects and families before coming to any decision.


Once match is approved from both sides, we charge a match making fee.

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