Ultra Rich Match ensures the privacy of all its customers. While we offer one of the most secure and trusted platforms, there are a few things you as a member can do to keep a check. The website suggests some of the following steps to be taken so there is no breach in the security. Our customer service screens every profile for irrelevant or inappropriate content and we have a strict reporting system that screens for inappropriate content.

How to protect certain parameters of your Profile?

Certain features like your photograph, horoscope etc can be protected with passwords and would be open for those only whom you provide the password.

Keep Your Profile anonymous?

We have provide the features like expressing interest, private video chatting and in all these you can be anonymous until you reveal yourself. Don’t add any of your personal information in your initial messages. Take your own time till the trust factor develops completely.

How to Block the profile?

The profile can be ignored as well as it can be blocked by clicking on to the Edit button in the Settings Tab.

Can Members get to know who visited their profile?

No, the members can’t get to know who visited their profile.

Login details should be kept confidential?

Login details should be kept confidential so that it does not fall into wrong hands and then being misused after that.

Verification of the profile?

Once the profile is created it may be verified by personally visiting the member’s place or it can be verified on phone the decision on verification is solely taken by the

Where the first meeting takes place?

First meeting of the couple takes place where the Ultra Rich Match representative organizes it. It can happen without involving Ultra Rich Match representatives but it is not recommended.

Need not to talk on financial matters at an early stage?

Discussion on financial should not be done as it could lead to money scam and it is highly unsafe.

Why the families need to be involved?

Marriage is not a union of two persons but their families are also get involved hence Ultra Rich Match provides a platform where both families get to know each other.

Certain procedures which are prescribed by Ultra Rich Match?

To start with any of the conversation with the other person one should follow these steps:

  • a) Start with E-mails: Create a separate account and do all communication via e-mails only. Please don’t share your personal contact details via e-mails.
  • b) Request for a photo: Person appearance says a lot in a photograph and it helps you taking a good decision.
  • c) Chat on the phone : Take a pre- paid number and then start talking With it as it gives clarity on a person’s communication and social skills. Reveal your original number only when you are comfortable and you have his/her background information available with you.
  • d) Meeting: When the couple decides to meet it is advised to involve Ultra Rich Match representative to fix the meeting as per couples requirement.

How to deal with a fake profile?

When you see such kind of a profile then you need to report us at and then the necessary action would be taken against the profile.

What one must do when someone keeps harassing?

When someone is harassing you then you can report your query to Necessary action would be taken against the culprit. While reporting you need to fill our report violation form or contact us directly, your identity which will be kept confidential.

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